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by Catherine Alexandra - Internet Marketing Success on January 31, 2012

There ‘s no shortage of information available about how to write content or offering blog tips.

I’ve found an endless stream of questions about this subject from online marketing newcomers, so I wanted to offer my personal top blog tips to write content like a pro (and still have a life)!

Want to write content like a pro?? If so, these blog tips are for you!

I receive questions all the time from newcomer bloggers who ask me how I’m able to blog so consistently and keeping the vibe fresh while making it useful and engaging for readers.

write contentIt’s a balancing act to do this, but I practice a few blog tips consistently and find that if I keep to this little checklist, I’m always able to write content with flow while having an abundance of ideas to share on a regular basis.

Approaching the task of how to write content systematically provides worthy benefits, one of which is speed and increased productivity!

The last thing people want is to have to sit behind a desk all day to write content that is good.

I’ve heard stories of people spending hours on end just to crank out one little article that may or may not be well-written.

Take heed of these blog tips and you’ll find your speed and ease to write content significantly improves with a few minor tweaks.

Blog tip #1: Pre-planning helps you write content like a pro…

This is the logical place to start when you are sitting down to write content for your blog. It sounds simplistic, but this tiny step is one way to open up creative floodgates and  outline content which may be used in a series. Believe it or not, this is easy to do and is also time effective.

Another great element to this blog tip is that you won’t forget anything if you keep your ideas recorded. If you’re trying to write content regularly, you know that your ideas could be gold if you put them to good use!

blog tip

Let's declutter! Chop chop!

Blog tip #2: Declutterize…all of it.

Easier said than done? Well maybe, but don’t resist it and you may find that it’s much easier than you think!

Begin by tidying up your work area.


Well, a wise man once told me, “A confused and cluttered mind takes no definitive action.”

If you’re too distracted you’ll inevitably work less efficiently than if you were able to focus. Clutter is a distraction, get rid of it tout de suite!

Blog tip #3: Disconnect.

Yes, I did say the “D” word: d-i-s-c-o-n-n-e-c-t!

…not permanently…just til you finish what you’re doing.

Here’s why…

Most people have NO CLUE how much time they waste due to the changing of gears which is required to toggle between email, facebook and twitter messages, instant messengers, and a variety of other things. (Think how much faster you can get to a destination if you drive straight through rather than having to stop at every light along the way.)

(I did an article, “Busy Doesn’t Mean Productive,” where I explain how the human brain works and why it’s so vital for us to stay “on task.”)

It’s easy to become seduced by updates popping up every few minutes or so. Sometimes it’s best to “unplug” from the internet until a task has been finished.

I’ve personally found that I’m able to write content much more effectively when I’m not being interrupted in my thought-process.

Blog tip #4: Consolidate your time and go freestyle

If you follow blog tips 1-3, you’ll find yourself in a position to take advantage of your clutter-free workspace and mindspace. Now that you’re in the right place to write content, go for it freestyle.

Let yourself write and capture any creative bursts you have in this one sitting.

You may find that you write content in a volume great enough to chunk it down into smaller pieces which can be rolled out over a series of articles, as I mentioned in  Blog tip #1.

It pays to be organized because one “sit down” could yield as many as 4-5 (or even more) blog posts! This is a highly effective way to write content!

Remember you only need somewhere in the neighbourhood of 400-600 words per blog post! Check out this free word count tool that will help you slice up your writing into multiple articles by counting up your words for you. Microsoft word is also great to use when you write content because it automatically does a word count.

Blog tip #5: Employ technology to mind your time. 

The mind works in some mysterious ways. When given goals, it does its best to achieve results. Setting time specific goals can help you to be more effective when you’re sitting down to write content.

I was introduced to a fantastic and free tool called e.ggtimer by a blogger friend named Nicky Price.

It works similarly to a standard egg timer, but you set it up  in your browser. Set a time goal to write your content and get to task. You’ll be delighted to see how your mind works to achieve your goal!

Blog tip #6: Incentivize!

Set a reward for yourself to incentivize the act of sitting down to write content.

The mind likes to be rewarded! If you do something simple like planning a small indulgence for having completed your blog content, you’ll work more diligently to wrap it up efficiently.

Some reward ideas may be as simple as treating yourself to a coffee date with a friend or a cocktail with associates. Be creative setting rewards. They don’t have to be extravagant, but make sure they’re juicy enough to warrant you getting busy. 

Blog tip #7: Give it a rest!

Breaks are not to be underestimated!

If you’re following this simple 7 blog tip formula, you may find it’s easy to become immersed because it’s such an expressive (and FUN) way to work.

Brief intervals of break-time will keep you refreshed and help you to get more done!

Break-time is a nice reward to insert into the time you devote to write content. The e.ggtimer makes setting break-time easy.

When you apply these blog tips, you may find that everything works in concert when we take a little time to prepare before we sit to write content. If you previously felt overwhelmed you can now feel much more calm about what you’re doing because you’ve eliminated the usual time drains that make content writing seem arduous.

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