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by admin on December 1, 2011

I had just signed up with My Lead Net Pro and prior of Empower Network and I did not know anything about David Wood. I wanted to share with you some of things I have read about David Wood. The real bottom line as you read this article, I am proud to be part of Empower Network and through the struggles they are having because of starting up a new company, it will only make them and all of us stronger. We will lock arms and fight the forces of Evil as David repeatedly says. David Wood is a Inspirational Genius!

I did this out on found his website, which I have linked this article to and you can read about him and his great articles he has written. David Wood brings a lifelong passion for building relationships. You will see David Wood has a very big following, on his site he has over 35,000 loyal followers. – But I wanted to share with you as my reader what type of person I see David Wood as being.

I am sure you might even ask “Who the hell is David Wood?” unless you already are in My Lead system Pro or one of the Network Marketing Companies he has been with. David started in 2003 with Amway, door to door, walking the streets to show the plan. David Wood was telling us a story with him and his brother. In the Chat box on the night of December 1st, his brother commented “Aki Wood lol… True story, we knocked door to door and showed a plan to a dude that smelled like pee” It was really tough time. David Wood was not in a good place when he started his online business. He needed to make it work. He was broke and homeless, living in his van. He felt every day of his life was a struggle.
David Wood wrote “I remember not having money for food, the shameful feeling of borrowing money from my Parents over and over again, and walking around a deserted business street looking for any job that would pay me, no matter how menial the task.”

He worked until he almost bled from exhaustion. Although, through his struggles he commented that he ever complained, and didn’t whine. While other people were going to parties, eating out, and socializing he was marketing, making videos, setting up blogs, and writing reviews. While other people took their money and spent it, not David he took it and put it all back into the process. He commented “I have out worked almost everyone I know.”

This worked for him, he started making $5,000 a month, and then $10,000 a month, and then $30,000 a month, and more…
Outside of the internet, the network marketing industry teaches things that have too much resistance in industrialized countries, and as a result, the real numbers reported by the DSA show that the MLM industry has been in decline in the USA for the last two years – and it’s because what we do is either too complex, or has too much social resistance.
David Wood wrote on his blog “how many people do you know who has been successful on the Internet?” Then he wrote “NOBODY”.
David has worked very hard in his career to be a top earner. Since then, he’s become the #1 all time producer in MLSP, the #1 recruiter in multiple Network Marketing companies, and has made as much as $85,000 in a single month!

I commented on another blog about “Why I joined Empower Network”. I have quickly through David Wood’s training in the “Costa Rica Intensive training” and my research has found this young guy has been through many struggles in his life and has arrived in my humble opinion as “True Leader”.

Now, when someone looks at David Wood, you might even say, Nah this guy can’t be an Internet Guru and make thousands of dollars. But don’t let his looks fool you, he is very knowledgeable, smart, witty, works extremely hard on his dreams and truly wants to make a difference in the world. You know the saying when you die, did you make it matter? Well, I am here to tell you, that this young man will affect many, many people’s lives to the positive and he will make his mark. He definitely is the kind of leader that is very motivating and inspirational.

I have not had the opportunity to actually meet David Wood as of yet, but I have a great feeling that day will come. Part of my personality is I like to give people hugs especially when I feel gratitude. I look forward in meeting him one day and thanking him what he has brought to me and to some many others. I believe in the business model because it allows the average person to make money online. David is one of greats because you can tell through him speaking, that he truly cares for people. He has the ability to speak with others because he has been there and he knows the struggles. He has created a system that he knows will work.

I always love hearing stories of success because that is what drives me. I may not have all the smarts as David Wood has but I do have few things in common with him, it seems to me that we both will work hard for what we believe in and our mission is to help people all the time. That is who I am; I wish the success of all people that work hard at it. I am not one to sit around watch TV or do nothing. As you read his passion and his dreams of what he wants for all of us, you know without a shadow of doubt he will considered one day soon a legend.

David continues to write:
So one day, walking through the woods……shirtless (of course)
With the sun shining – I came up with an idea that can change the world.
What if I could build something that paid out exponentially more money than even the company made – where anyone – even someone who didn’t understand technology, FTP, blogs, plugins, or ANY of it – could get started and make more money than I did from my own creation?
What if I could make it so easy – a Grandma could do it?
What if I could make it so credible – a teenager could do it?
What if I could make it so social – that Facebook would love it?
What if I could create such value – that Google would marry it?
What if it was so duplicable – the old Schoolers’ would join it?
…and it wasn’t network marketing, wasn’t really an affiliate program…
…but – something new all together? That couldn’t interfere with what you do and the idea of the Empower Network was born.
For months, I came up with sketch after sketch, process after process – but something was missing – I had the idea, I figured out the technology – and I had money to invest…

Then he continues on…

…but I didn’t have David Sharpe.

Why was David important?
Because simply – I don’t make high converting capture pages and split test stuff – I create social sales processes – and it’s different.

Sure, I’ve been the #1 recruiter in the top attraction marketing system for 2 years, and am the #1 recruiter in a network marketing business as well – but the reality is, Dave Sharpe can do something I can’t do alone.
STARING at a capture page for hours – moving a word to the left, and say:
“God that page looks Gorgeous” And I’ll walk in the room, and look at a single headline, start laughing – and we’ll test it and it pulls 50% landing page conversions like clockwork. That’s a skill that I want to put into your hands.
“…why don’t we get together – and make people more money, and give them more freedom – than has ever been able to happen, ever – online or offline…”

And we said:
“Fxxx the bull shit – let’s just pay out 100% commissions“
Because it’s not about us anymore – it’s only about you. You don’t work for me at the Empower Network – I am here to serve you. You are not my slaves, I am your servant. And I want to help you change your business.
I want to help you change your life.

I want to simplify everything.
The Empower Network is more than just a good idea – it’s a system for the little people. And it’s not an attraction marketing system – and it doesn’t replace or compete with any system or Network Marketing business out there. It is something new. It is an idea – an idea that works the way people work.
It’s an idea that works the way the internet works. It’s a system that pays the way the people want.
It’s a community that can help YOU get what YOU WANT. It’s an idea that has created frenzy.
It is not about me – it’s about you. You will be the product. You will be the face, the training, the message and the inspiration to change the game.
We are the Empower Network.
And have formed an alliance of minds that cannot be stopped.
I want to pay you guys $2,800,000 in commissions in the next 4 weeks. Directly into your bank account – like a real business owner.
With a real merchant account.
Finally in control.
This is your business – you will not be silenced, controlled, or told what to do.
I will not stop you from marketing in any way that you desire – as long as it’s honest and ethical you have our blessing.
I will support you in ANY network marketing company that you’re in.
You can find a home here if you hate network marketing.

I am here to serve you, to lift you up – to inspire you.
Written by David Wood

WOW, that is amazing stuff!! I have also included a few his You Tube Video’s that you can hear from David that he had taped in his past.

As you read my Post, Can you see yourself being part of this community? Could you see yourself wanting to make the difference? I did a small video which I included in it “We could change the World”.
If you see that you want to be part of this, JOIN our team and have you be part of Empower Network’s AMAZING community.

To Your Success always,

And, please be patient with the payment options as they are facing today. This may look like a major sit back in some people’s eyes but I think it is a cost of doing business. I am with Network Marketing company that is 9 years old. They also speak about the troubles they had in the beginning but the people that stayed with them gained the benefit of their success. I truly believe will hold true with Empower Network.

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